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Head Coach - Jim Bennett

Mission Statement:
Alongside my teammates, we will earn success, with our blood, and our sweat, and our tears. We will press on while others retreat to comfort and the price we pay will give substance to our goals.
Circumstance, will not dictate our destiny. Stumbling blocks will be turned into stepping stones. We will be defined by our dedication, and hard work and by the choices and sacrifice we make.
We will constantly go to battle against weakness and doubt, defeat and discouragement can go to hell where they belong. Our strength will come by being here, and dying daily and taking ownership of this moment.
We will embrace a culture of encouragement. Our actions will replace rhetoric. We will make no excuses. We will not settle for potential.
The abundance of our heart will diminish the heart of our enemy. When we fall, we will get back up again because, regret is one price that we are not willing to pay.

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