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Teacher Advisor - Craig Rowe
Student Leader - Megan Darzynkiewicz

The Truckee High School Model United Nations Program, also called MUN, is an extracurricular activity that allows students to role-play as the delegates of different countries and simulate United Nations committees.

The club allows students to understand and tackle real-world issues including climate change, refugees, and terrorism. MUN allows students to strengthen negotiation, speech and debate skills, and enables students to become more involved in international affairs. Throughout the school year, the club travels to conferences hosted by colleges (UCLA, UC Berkeley, UC Davis) to participate in a number of committee simulations alongside other high schools. 

This year our club has expanded to 50+ members! 

Our club has won several awards:

  • Outstanding Delegation - Ukraine in the Novice UN Security Council represented by Calin Laine and Zach Larson - UCLA 2017

  • Honorable Mention - Suzan Elliot in World Council on the Ethics of Technology represented by Rebecca Ziegler - UC Davis 2017

  • Outstanding Delegate - Faiz Ahmad in the Soviet-Afghan War Committee represented by Cass Dalsey - UC Davis 2017

  • Research Award - Poland in the Novice European Council represented by Brian Wolfe and Claire Lang-Ree - UCLA 2016

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